Friday, March 21, 2008

Yellow Steeplechase Hat

Help! I think I am a blog addict. Everything I do something I think to myself I must take a picture or write some notes so I can blog about this later. I feel very afflicted by this strange attraction to blogging! Well on to the topic... This is a project I finished quite awhile back. March 29th is a huge steeplechase in Camden, South Carolina. All of society comes out in their spring finest for an amazing fashion show of sorts! Instead of searching high and low for a costly hat. I took it upon my self to decorate a plain chocolate brown Nine West sun hat. With instructions partly from My-sister and law and part Internet research I began creating "yo-yo's" from different types of fabric. There are many different ways to make these, most commonly used are circles, then hearts, and squares. I took the easy way out using circles. You cut a circle 2x the size roughly of what you actually want your "yo-yo" to be. I used all sorts of round things as templates: a CD spindle, drinking glasses, coffee containers. Sew a running stitch around the outer edge of the fabric give yourself some room though about a 1/4-1/6th of an inch from the edge. If you get too close you will have tearing when you go to gather it all up. When you have completed your circle take both ends and draw them up letting the fabric gather, making a little balloon type looking thing. When you can't gather anymore tie it off to secure it. Begin the press it all the fabric flat, and move your gathers where you would like them to be. Wah-La you have a beautiful "yo-yo" or flower. You can embellish them with beads, buttons, other fabric flowers that you cut out, and scraps like I did. These look great on all kinds of things, hats, clothes, bags, barrettes. (where I borrowed the idea from) The best part is they are SO EASY! Heather Bailey has an easy to follow tutorial check it out:

As soon as my party weekend comes and goes I will be back with lots of photos, so I can show it off with my dress. Pretty snappy if I should say so myself! I can't wait, I hope the weather warms up for this weekend: Easter, and stays warm. Salutations for now.

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