Sunday, March 30, 2008

And they're off...

I ventured off to Camden, South Carolina to the Carolina Cup steeplechase races to be a spectator with some 70,000 other people. I will try to make this as quick and as easy to read as possible. Well first off it was FREEZING. So it was pretty insane to be running around in halter-top dresses, bare legged, with big hats on. Melissa and I had chicken skin legs anytime we were outside. We spent most the time in the truck because of my profound lack of weather planning.

8am - March 29th, 2008: There we were outside my lovely cousins residence some 30 miles from the race course, where the sun was shinning through the patches of gray clouds, it was a temperate 65 degrees. Who needs a jacket this is great weather? I asked myself. This weather kept up until we arrived or so it seemed. It turned dark and cold. To top it all off the wind was ripping around taking with it hats, tents, and all sorts of trash. Most of the morning was spent inside a vehicle taking refuge from the horrible weather only interrupted by occasional bathroom visits. (porta-johns yuck) By noon we had discovered a souvenir stand where of course they had sold out of everything long sleeve, but conveniently had polar fleece vests left. As soon as a wrapped something around my bare back I felt like a new person! We had a great spread of food: three pepper hummus, pasta salad, and sandwich makings. All of which I devoured, the adverse weather had taken a lot out of me. After that we started to wander around seeing the sights, and looking for friends. About 3pm I felt one little cold, wet rain drop so that meant in heels we had to book it to the car again. I felt like I spent all day on a trip/ stuck in a car!! It poured for about 45 minutes; at this point we had, had enough. We packed it all up and headed home.

There was magnificent people watching though: girls chasing hats and trying hard not to have their dresses fly up, intoxicated people, a tent that titled themselves "the frilly tent" complete with pink flamingos and all, dresses covered in mud, people falling off vehicles. All in all it wasn't my best cup year yet, but still fun. I will be back next year!! (I might even re-use my dress and hat, I didn't get it show it off hardly at all!)
Melissa, and Dirty Bird which happens that he matches her dress, convenient!

Me :polar vest and all:, Melissa :smart enough to lose her's for pics:, and Shelly :drunk:

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