Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Rapunzel, Rapunzel let down your hair ...

Well I am no self-proclaimed rapunzel, but that is as catchy as it gets today. The weather here is very grim. : lots of rain and dark dark clouds: However not too many complaints here though because we do need it. Anyhow I ventured out into this wet weather today to get my hair coifed with a color, cut, and style. I haven't been able to do anything with my hair in about six months or so for one various reason or another. Also this was a new hairstylist, which made me a little nervous understandably. I took her some photos of rachel bilson, eva longoria, and lindsay lohan for inspiration. I was going for a richer color that looked a little sun kissed. The cut I wanted was long simple layers-unfortunately I must grow all my little layers out first so I will have to work my way into that style.The process is as follows: lots of dark rich brown hair dye, two tubes to be exact. I have VERY thick hair so it really soaks this stuff up. Wash. Two different color highlights: one red and one caramel, only in the crown of my head. Wash. Then she proceeded to blow out my hair and followed that by using a straightener. She began to do a dry cut, which all said and done turned out amazing! The whole thing took about two and half hours, which is about average for the length and thickness of my hair. Overall I had a great experience and would go back again. On a side note I also got my nails done in this shimmer sheer pink that is almost white. I found comfort in its subtle pop of color on such a dreary morning. It was titled It's Sheer Luck by OPI.
Check it out.

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