Sunday, March 23, 2008

Easter, not just about bunnies

For winter's rains and ruins are over,
And all the season of snows and sins;
The days dividing lover and lover,
The light that loses, the night that wins;
And time remembered is grief forgotten,
And frosts are slain and flowers begotten,
And in green underwood and cover
Blossom by blossom the spring begins.

Algernon Charles Swinburne 1837–1909

Isn't this just beautiful. First off Happy Easter! How magnificent, that some two thousand years ago, Jesus died and was resurrected for our sins. We should all be so thankful how full our lives are. Take this time when nature comes out of the cold of winter and reflect on all our blessings. I know we should be grateful all year round, but it is something about holidays that makes everyone more reflective on our lives. It's times like these where in the face of change all around us, and the great un-known that issues that seemed un-manageable can just disperse almost with a few kind words or a smile. When there is a trauma with-in a close-knit group of people its just like a lot of things don't seem so important as they once were. They have to come together and support one another with love and forbearance. A lot of people now days only want to depend on themselves, but I have come to learn that is a terrible way to live. : lonely, fruitless, downcast: We've got to support and love one another, these are the fruits that God has given us and I believe far too many times we turn our backs on one another and de-humanize our love ones. Let's get back to a straightforward way of living or at least try. I have good feelings about all the changes upon us. I think with lots of prayer, hopes and lenience we accomplish almost anything. A new prosperous year is upon us and I am feeling more alive as each day gets warmer and warmer. I know that everything happens for a reason and it is all bigger than we can even begin to comprehend. So let's all be positive and celebrate the small things.

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Moonbeam said...

That is a wonderful message :) I hope everything gets brighter and better in the coming months. Happy Easter!