Monday, July 21, 2008

CIA release photos of George Bush and Amy Wino Love Child..

OMG! Did everyone see the photos of Wino's & Bush's secret love baby? Here they are in case you missed it-
Amy Winehouse and George Bush -
On a more serious note, that morphing website is super addictive give it a try!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Making it up as we go...

Day Look: MAC Lid Primer in Luna
MAC Gold mine (inner lid and underneath bottom lashes)
Jane Iredale Trio Green Dream - Middle Green (middle of lid)
Jane Iredale Emerald (outer corner)
Clinique Brown Black liner 
Clinique Mascara
Night Look: I left all the day colors and went over them with the following
MAC Electric eel (inner corner)
MAC Bio-Green (middle of the lid)
MAC Shimmermoss (outer corner)
MAC Forever Green (thick liner)
Too Faced Club Liquid Liner in Bronze (skinny liner, top and bottom)

Day:Lips Sydney Lip Plumper from Jane Iredale


Okay :deep breath: I've got a lot to cram into one little post here. This week I celebrated my 23rd year of being on this earth. It was a bit lame, I agree with my most wonderful husband it is a bit of a loser age. You're two years from renting a car, you've been legally drinking for two years which is getting old fast. I'll just wait it out I guess, until I turn a more sexy age. I went and did my most favorite activity: karaoke!  I sang with April: Kiss Me - Sixpence None the Richer, Rehab - Amy Winehouse, Criminal-Fiona Apple. Below are some fun photos we took. PS: I recieved a new haircut, one with bangs! I keep getting the cher reference though, so I don't know how I feel about that.
Ontop of all the birthday fun, I am trying to compile a virtual make-up portfolio so another entry is included. I will start having to pay April for the use of her face and especially her eyes, they make a great canvas.


List of Supplies:
MAC eyelid primer
MAC White Frost (middle of the lid)
Jane Iredale Smokey Grey (outer corner of lid, and up onto the brow bone)
Jane Iredale Platinum (Lid to brow, under the eye, and inner corners)
Jane Iredale 24k Silver dust (all over eyes)
Jane Iredale Plum Plus Liner (above and under)
Lancome Mascara in Black

Bronzer to sculpt her cheek bones, etc.
Touch of gloss

Friday, July 4, 2008

Independence Day Garden!

Happy Fourth of July Everybody! Lately I have been working in my humble little garden... I wanted to share the spoils of that work, that I have selfishly been keeping to myself. Right now its just a jungle of different random-ness, but when I get a somewhat finished product I will share the whole picture with you. I'm just not ready yet! 

These beautiful white cotton-ball like flowers are hollyhock that I accuired at a local feed and seed store. They grow awesomely in semi-moist soil with lots of sunshine.

This is canna (one of my favs). I have this closest to my patio area because it puts on a beautiful show all summer long, all the way into the fall. I soon will purchase more to fill out some areas where some of my other plantings failed. Just behind you can see my provadence lavender, which smells amazing! 
Remember the baby-birds from before, they are huge and have actually grown all the way up and left the nest. :sad:  Hey there will always be next year!