Sunday, June 1, 2008


Okay, so I have been a terrible disgrace to blogging. Now I am back and hope to continue my reign of terror on the Internet, as we know it. Wow that sounded insane!
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It would be a long boring story to go into what I have been doing for the last three weeks so here is the reader's digest version: new job training, sick with strep throat mess, more job training, lots of yard work, sick more, house cleaning, sick more, more working at new job. Okay see? Nothing juicy there. Onward then like nothing ever happened!
Spring has sprung right before my eyes! I am bursting with pride due to the fact my yard has turned into an actual backyard habitat. My hard work has paid off I have three bird's nests (that I can find right now) throughout my yard. One already has babies in it, which I am happy about. One has beautiful blue and gray speckled eggs, and the third is just starting to be built. Last year I put out feeders and did my plantings based on trying to get birds and animals to come, it did okay but I was not sure I had done everything I could do to make a happy home for animals. I live close to a downtown area, so I feel it is important to make sure I have an oasis for birds to stop by and have a safe place to grab a snack. Little did I know this year would be so eventful! I will keep you updated on what type of birds the empty nest, and eggs produce.

Here is a list of what I have planted to attract wildlife:
Providence Lavender
Elephant ears
Moses in a Boat
Strawberry plants (they actually produce strawberries) I haven't gotten adventurous enough to eat them
Carolina Jasmine
Canna Lilly
Hanging ferns
I believe South Carolina is a zone 7, so of course it will be different depending on your locale. I encourage everyone to get out and plant something, even if you are just container gardening.

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