Sunday, June 22, 2008

Fame! I'm gonna live forever..

Please excuse the total ridiculousness of this, so let me elaborate quickly. I LOVE my garden, probably more than most. So the few hours a week I get to spend in the garden are special to me. As you read before I was so twitter-pated that baby birds were hatching everywhere, I almost wanted to burst with pride. Until - this %$#*ing bird began its terrorist attack on me every time I went out to water, or weed, or even just to let my dogs out!!! I know it was all out of protection for it's young, but when your 5 plus feet away from the nest it gets to be a little ANNOYING. So before I got desperate, I needed to make light of the situation. So I took the idea of a half crazed bird, and a dorky animal lover and ran with it, possibly I ran right on out of my mind. So tell me what you think adoring fans...enjoy!

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