Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Georgia on my mind

Savannah- Home of "Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil, and food network's Paula Deen :a woman after my own heart drenching everything in butter:
My hubby and I jaunted all around this magnificent city, enriched by historical importance and artistic culture. Although, I felt safe at all times due to the large amounts of police who swarmed as soon as the sun set. There was an eerie feeling in the damp air, one that made you wonder about all the tourists who pass though, and all the people who have lived and died there. Apparently there are many cemeteries in Savannah that have been paved over for growth, I think this contributes to this feeling. It could just be an old city thing, who know's. I didn't mind it though. we had amazing food such as: a fresh turkey sandwich complete with homemade cranberry sauce and brie, this all served on wheat toast, an amazing filet mignon, sided with asparagus, and garlic potatoes, and a tomato basil soup fit for a king. I highly recommend Belford's in City Market and Moon River Brewing Company on Bay St. if you are venturing to the Savannah area. Our trip was topped off with a haunted lore carriage ride though the city, it was raining ever so slightly which made it much more convincing! Thank you to Krista, Charlie, and Dell at the Savannah Carriage Company located in City Market. I cannot wait for our next trip, I want to go to the Telfair museum of art, Bonaventure Cemetery. Places I missed it this time.
Below are some photos I took with my Nikon Cool Pics camera.


Moonbeam said...

What beautiful pictures! I can't wait to be close enough to visit :) To answer your question (since I have yet to figure out how to directly respond to comments), the yellow thread is embroidery thread on the pincushion. Man I want a bite of that turkey sandwich right about now!

Pikey Holdredge said...


You haven't made a post in 3 weeks!!! Have you given up your blogging?! Does this mean I should give up blogging as well?!! Everything in my delicate world has become uncertain...