Thursday, December 11, 2008

Happy Three Years...

My wonderful husband delivered these to me last night at 2am after a long night at his work. There are two white roses, lots of cranberry red roses, and one special purple rose spread out amongst a beautiful batch of holiday colored wildflowers. We are happily celebrating our third anniversary. Marriage is a lot of hard work and "not for sissies" as a very wise man once told me. In my opinion all the hard work pays off in the end. You grow together and learn to appreciate the other in ways you never thought you were capable of before.
  I have been very busy with life lately and therefore missed posting to my blog. I am still constantly trying all sorts of new beauty products and trying new looks on myself and others. Recently I did a zombie make-up run-through on one of my husbands friends. It turned out pretty well I will post photos of it soon I hope.
The holidays are around the corner, this year I am ditching all the stress of the hussle and bussle, shopping nightmares, and therefore piles of bills. I have with the help of my sister-n-laws been scheduling the beach trip of all beach trips. A Christmas extravaganza with tons of cooking, crafting, exercise, games and fun galore. We are even scheming a pie eating contest, mini health pies of course. This will be so fun and I am very excited. I am sure there will be more to come in posts as we get closer to this treasured time of season! How corny!!

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